IN-SITU & Focused Head- Hunting

IN-SITU :: The client has received a large project order and recruit large number of candidates ready and willing to start at short notice. These candidates are from competing organizations & would need to be tapped onsite.

Our team shall ramp onsite of the competing organization and shall shortlist the candidates for the client panel to interview, negotiate compensation & finalize the offer.

We would do the handholding for the entire process when the candidate joins the organization.

Head-Hunting :: Headhunting is the most effective method of proactively recruiting top performers who might not willing for a sudden change. Head hunting can be done through following methods:

Through wide variety of Industry contacts if any.
Taking external referrals.
The referral can be paid in case the prospective hires joins the organization, by doing this the referral gives you more leads.

Scenario in Focused Head-Hunting:-

1. Client is well aware about the talent which shall be helpful to achieve the strategic & mission critical jobs in the organization.
2. The list of such candidates for us to do focused head hunting & bring the candidates to the table.
3. We handhold the client to the entire process for selection till the person joins the organization.